Homemade Abel and Cole Breakfast Cookies – and the photo competition

homemade cookies

Breakfast cookies

I have mentioned before that I get a weekly vegetable box from the UK company Abel & Cole. They have a great website full of recipe ideas for your fruit and vegetables, as well as a monthly recipe and photo competition. Each month they have a featured recipe, which you can make, and then you send in your photos. The winners get the ingredients for the following month’s featured recipe.

I have tried this before, with their Chocolate and Ginger Beetroot Cake and was obviously devastated not to win. Luckily the cake more than made up for it! The Celeriac and Blue Cheese Bread also happened to be a featured recipe but by the time I got round to making it, it was way too late to send in a photo. So this time I am prepared and hopeful!

It has to be said that while it is called a photo competition, it is not necessarily about the artistic merits of your photographic composition, more about the ideas behind it, and funny ones often win. I have chosen to completely ignore my own advice and tried to take a decent amateur photo! I’ll leave it you to be the judge of how well I have managed that…

In the meantime, while waiting with baited breath until the end of April to see if I am featured, I will be enjoying the Breakfast Cookies. They are really easy to make, and as cookies go, relatively healthy. They are dairy, egg and wheat free (if you use spelt flour). They are full of dried fruit, seeds and nuts as well as carrots.

breakfast cookies

As-healthy-as-they-get Cookies

If you’d like to have a go, you can find the recipe here. And if you do make them, don’t forget to send in a photo to the competition!

The recipe makes a large quantity but apparently you can freeze the mixture to use another day. I have frozen some of my mixture so will be see how that goes. You can either make them into thick, soft cookies, as I did, or thin, crispy cookies, which I will be trying next time. I used my hands to really get the mixture as squidged together as possible.

homemade cookies

Making the cookies

I’m not convinced I would want to have them for breakfast as I think they are possibly a little sweet for that, but they are perfect mid morning with a nice cup of coffee!

breakfast cookies

Cookies and coffee

I’m still undecided as to the first or the last photo for the competition – do you have any advice?

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12 replies

  1. The resident artist says the second one. They look lovely as always.

  2. I love the second picture.

  3. I lke the last photo best 🙂 What a lovely and special breakfast!

  4. The last picture is excellent. and the cookies look fantastic.

  5. I really like the cookies and coffee picture! Great image and a great sentiment behind it! (I mean who doesn’t love cookies and coffee!!) 🙂

  6. We used to get an Abel & Cole box, they are fab! I really like the 2nd photo as well 🙂

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