Vegetable Box Cooking – Celeriac and Blue Cheese Soda Bread

celeriac blue cheese soda bread

Celeriac and Blue Cheese Soda Bread

A celeriac turned up in my vegetable box this week: I’m not sure that I have ever cooked with celeriac before and wasn’t massively thrilled about it! Root vegetables are my least favourite vegetables and I always struggle with them. Luckily it came with a recipe for Celeriac and Blue Cheese Soda Bread which did actually sound delicious so I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s a very simple recipe, just flour, celeriac, blue cheese, milk and an egg. You don’t even need any bicarbonate of soda as it uses SR flour. You’ll find the recipe here. I used stilton, which is one of my favourite cheeses.

It says you will end up with a wet dough and it most definitely was! I think I will add a bit of extra flour next time if necessary as it needed a lot longer to bake through and I think a slightly drier dough would have been better. I possibly had slightly more celeriac than I should have, so will be more precise next time.

I thought it was delicious: the blue cheese really came through. Abel & Cole suggest serving it warm with soup, which sounds like a great idea to me.

I was hoping the kids would like it too but the blue cheese taste was too strong for them. I can’t understand how anyone could not love blue cheese and was convinced that they would like it in the bread. I guess it’s a taste you acquire as you get older! They are really keen to try it again made with strong cheddar or maybe parmesan. I still have the other half of the celeriac to use so will be trying that very soon. Watch this space!

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  1. Sounds good and no kneading! Celeriac soup can be tasty too.

  2. What an interesting sounding bread 🙂 I love love love celeriac, it is one of my favourite vegetables. The French eat it cut in thin julienne strips, lightly blanched and dressed in a remoulade sauce. It is fantastic mashed in with mashed potatoes, great in soups and root vegetable stews.

    I have never tried a blue cheese bread, so will have to try that one day soon !

  3. I’m drooling at your photo; like you I’m a blue cheese-ophile (and also a carb devotee), so this just about represents heaven to me. Love the idea of using parmesan too… do share how that works if you try it. I’ve often looked at the Abel and Cole box service and pondered whether I’d actually manage to use the contents; I didn’t realise they came with recipe ideas so now I’m sorely tempted! Thanks for sharing the bread recipe; it’s joining my ‘must bake soon’ list 🙂

    • Hi, I would recommend Abel & Cole as they generally send you different stuff every week instead of the same thing for weeks on end, which can be a pain if it’s something you don’t like! I think the key is to get a smaller box than you think you’ll need. They have loads of recipes on their website too which is great. I have also blogged their beetroot cake recipe if you fancy that!


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