Banana Loaf, a stylish plate and a new blog

Banana Loaf

My daughter came home with the recipe for this banana loaf at the end of one school term. Her only homework that holiday was to make this banana loaf. This is exactly the kind of homework I like.

I didn’t have high hopes for the banana loaf even though I have the highest regard for the Food Science teacher who creates the most amazing food herself. I wasn’t in the tiniest bit worried about my daughter’s baking ability. The recipe is by Sophie Dahl – again, not the issue!

The issue was that it is an all-in-one mixture and I have an unhealthy distrust of all-in-one recipes, having been brought up making victoria sponges, swiss rolls and various other cakes that have several stages to their creation. I can’t understand how enough air can be put into a mixture, or how the butter can be properly distributed in an all-in-one.

I shouldn’t really have been surprised that the banana loaf was absolutely delicious. I have already posted a banana and cranberry bread recipe, which I love, but this time I fancied a change and decided I would give this one a go myself.

I have to admit I still couldn’t quite bring myself to do the proper all-in-one and cheated a bit by melting the butter, when the recipe just calls for softened butter. The soft brown sugar really gives it a great taste and the colour of the finished loaf is really attractive. This is the link to the recipe.

Not only is my daughter a great baker, she is also a great writer and has decided to try her hand at her own blog. She also loves ceramics: the plate in the picture is one of hers. Check out her blog!

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  1. i wished i was given this kind of homework when i was in school. looks yummy!

  2. this homework is really cute, and I guess with the beautiful and delicious banana loaf, your daughter had a good mark, hadn’t her?

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