Vegetable Box Cooking – Kale, Mushroom and Pancetta Pasta Sauce

Kale, Mushroom and Pancetta Pasta

It might not be the prettiest dish but it was so tasty that I made it the first night and then had exactly the same again the second night.

I like kale but it can be a little strong on its own (particularly for the kids). If you put it in a pasta sauce it’s amazing what you can get away with.

My vegetable box included kale and chestnut mushrooms and I thought these would go really nicely with pancetta so I fried up some pancetta (in its own fat, I didn’t add any). I chopped up about a handful of mushrooms per person and added them to the frying pancetta to cook. I then chopped up a couple of large handfuls of kale per person and threw that in on top. It starts to wilt in the heat which is perfect.

When the pancetta, mushrooms and kale looked like they were ready (and the whole sauce only takes, at most, as long to make as it takes for the water for the pasta to heat up and the pasta to cook) I added a few large spoonfuls of crème fraîche per person. You might need to add more as it seems to disappear into the kale. Add salt and pepper to taste. Chopped chilli really adds a great kick to this too.

A good handful or two of grated parmesan stirred in to the sauce at the end really finishes it off perfectly.

It’s a bit like a cheat’s carbonara. And if you are vegetarian you can just leave out the pancetta.

I had it with tagliatelle the first night and spaghetti the next. I bet it would be great with penne as well. In fact, probably pretty much any type of pasta!

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