Chocolate Birthday Cakes – bunny delight

Bunny Cakes!

I mentioned that I was making chocolate birthday cakes for my friend’s twin girls when I posted their disco party cakes and here they are. Two bunny cakes. The girls had a rabbit each for their birthday. There is one blonde twin and one dark twin; one white bunny and one dark bunny.

And what could be better than (or almost as good as!) a real bunny? A sugarpaste one, of course.

I was a little worried that sugarpaste bunnies might be a step too far for me but they are a lot easier to make than they sound. The internet is an amazing source of bunny masterclasses. I just had to pick a style I liked and the rest was easy. The most important thing to remember was to tell Magda that the bunnies were held together with cocktail sticks… I hope that’s not a trade secret!

I made two 6 inch two layer victoria sponges and sandwiched them with chocolate buttercream. I covered the sides and top with chocolate buttercream and used my new favourite toy, the side scraper, to get an (almost) even finish. Some chocolate buttons went round the base, then a bag of white maltesers made a pretty border and some pink sprinkles finished the look.

I’m sure the real bunnies are settling in to their new home and loving getting to know their new mistresses. I will have to make do with sugarpaste ones!

If you’re looking for a chocolate cake recipe, check out my post for Quick and Easy Chocolate Birthday Cake

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4 replies

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Rachel! (For 2 beautiful girls, of course.)

  2. I think these are the cutest cakes I have ever seen!


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