Happy Christmas

Christmas cake 2015

This year I was determined that Christmas would not rush up on me, unannounced, as it seems to every year. I was going to be organised. I was going to write (or at least buy) my Christmas cards, for once less than two weeks after the last posting date, just like an American friend I had who would always hand out her Christmas cards the weekend of Thanksgiving. I would decide on and buy my presents in advance, just like my friend who keeps spreadsheets of who has had what each year. I would plan my meals and have half of them in the freezer before the shops even started to get busy and lists of what I needed for my last minute online shop.

Instead, it’s Christmas Eve again and I have spent the last month rushing from one thing to the next, late for everything and ready for nothing. I have had a lot of baking work recently, which is great, but it hasn’t helped me get ready for Christmas in my own house… I haven’t even managed to organise myself for blogging: my camera is playing up again, the light is terrible and I am lacking inspiration. I have good intentions for the New Year: to be more organised and therefore have more balance in my life and be more relaxed. Again.

I do at least have a Christmas cake as I made a couple for the Christmas cake class I gave, and a lot of mince pies, having made hundreds for various people. I found the design for my Christmas cake online and love the Christmas tree made of stars: it is really effective and stylish and if anyone asks if I am ready for Christmas I can offer them a slice of Christmas cake. Oh and a glass of Prosecco, I did make sure to order that in advance.

Happy Christmas!


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10 replies

  1. Your Christmas cake is stunning! I think that trumps all the crazy rushing around!

  2. Totally with you on this. Why do we do this to ourselves? Nearly every year ( yep most definitely this one) I find myself in the (long) queue at the supermarket, gazing into my trolley and realising that I could have bought ALL of it 2 weeks ago
    Not only that, if I’d been there 2 weeks earlier I would have found what I REALLY wanted.
    But hey ho, there’s always next year and the hustle and bustle is great. Maybe……..

  3. Merry Christmas Rachel to you and all the family. P x

  4. Elegant, stylish, chic and beautifully undertstated. !!! Just like someone I know. 🎄🎄🎄X

  5. We loved our chocolate Christmas log. Thankyou. X

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