Apple and Elderberry Crumble

apple elderberry crumble

Apple and Elderberry Crumble

When you are out picking blackberries, don’t forget that elderberries make a good addition to a crumble too! Elderberry trees tend to be found in the same sorts of places as blackberry bushes so if you are lucky you can find both at the same time.

Just pull the berry clusters off, or easier still cut them off with a pair of scissors, and collect in a box:



You don’t need a huge amount to add a bit of flavour and colour to your crumble. They are very easy to get off the stalks: just use a fork to strip them off. This small bowlful produced a single layer of berries in the bottom of the bowl:



Don’t wash them until you need them and they will keep for a while in a lidded container, either on or off the stalks, in the fridge.

They need to be cooked as otherwise they will be poisonous. So they are perfect in crumbles.

I used around half of the berries for a small apple and elderberry crumble and even a handful is enough to turn the fruit a lovely red colour. The rest I put into a large pear and apple crumble.

elderberry crumble

Elderberries sprinkled over prepared apples

Just sprinkle over a little soft brown sugar and cook your fruit as you would normally before adding your favourite crumble topping. My favourite has oats in it for extra crunch and you can find it here.

If it’s autumn where you are, make sure you enjoy the fruits of the autumn!

elderberry crumble

Apple and Elderberry Crumble

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10 replies

  1. We have loads of elderberries around here at the moment but I’ve never cooked with them. I always thought that they could only be used for fruit wine making (not that I’ve tried that either……)

  2. Yum! Those tiny berries are so pretty. Not sure but I don’t think we have them in Texss.

  3. Oh my goodness this looks amazing! 😀

  4. How long do you cook?


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