Raspberry, Lemon and Yogurt Loaf

raspberry lemon loaf

Raspberry, lemon and yogurt loaf

I saw this recipe about ten days ago in a review of the new Yeo Valley “Great British Farmhouse Cookbook” on the blog NR11:English Kitchen Baking by Hannah. It sounded so delicious I wanted to make it straight away but decided to wait until I could pick my own raspberries. I held off for a just over a week, then gave in and bought some extortionately priced raspberries in the supermarket instead… They are at least local raspberries.

It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made but it tastes really good: lemon and raspberries together are such a taste of summer.

If you’d like the recipe, you will find it here. I more or less followed it although I did use SR flour instead of plain flour and baking powder. I also reduced the number of steps required, so added all the yogurt and the lemon zest to the egg, butter and sugar mixture and then folded in the flour and ground almonds all in one go.

Instead of mixing in the raspberries, you layer up the cake mixture and then the raspberries, a third at a time, finishing with a layer of raspberries:

raspberry lemon cake

First layer

raspberry loaf

Ready to bake

This is not a cake to make in a hurry as like most fruit loaves it takes over an hour to bake. Once out of the oven it is left to cool for a little while before spooning the lemon juice and sugar over the top. I didn’t use anywhere near as much sugar as the recipe said as I like the tart lemon taste.

raspberry and yogurt bread

Raspberry, lemon and yogurt loaf

This would be a great dessert cake and next time I might try it in a round cake tin instead. And I will be picking extra raspberries at the pick-your-own this summer specially for it!

raspberry lemon yogurt loaf

Afternoon tea, anyone?

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13 replies

  1. Yay, your cake looks fab. I’ve tried the recipe using frozen raspberries and it’s just as good, and will keep your time-saving tips in mind for next time! Best wishes, Hannah

  2. The cake looks wonderful, loved your photos 🙂

  3. I recently bought something very similar only it was made with blackberries. It was delicious. You can’t beat home made so I’m sure yours is better.

  4. That looks absolutely delicious! The flavors seem like a great combination!

  5. You had me at raspberry… This looks yummy! I think I might invite myself over for some afternoon tea 🙂

  6. I followed the original recipe on the website and used a 2lb loaf tin which I thought would be ok since it’s about 1kg – but there was just way too much mixture for the tin! 😦 Has anyone else had similar problems? I’m thinking of making it again but I don’t want the same thing to happen – help!

    • Hi Emma, I did have a lot of mixture and I put it all in the tin, despite being worried about it and it wasn’t a problem. I have just checked my tins because I have two that look wildly different but I was sure were both claiming to be 2lb. When I made the loaf I used the one that looks a lot bigger but having just checked them with water they both hold exactly the same amount. Do you have a loose bottomed round tin? I’m sure that would work just as well but you would just need to keep an eye on the cooking time. Hope that helps and thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  7. Thank you! Yours looks amazing by the way!

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