Sloe Gin revisited – and Happy Christmas to all!

sloe gin bottles

Sloe Gin Bottles

I made loads of sloe gin in the autumn with the express intention of giving it as presents. So I have been really pleased with how well it has turned out and how beautiful it looks in proper sloe gin bottles. It has a deep red tint and is wonderfully syrupy.

Not all of it is ready (I made it in stages, when I managed to find the sloes) but a quick tasting is all that is necessary to decide if it is ready or not. If the smell and taste of gin has completely disappeared and it has gone syrupy it’s ready. Although it’s always a good idea to double check!

All the bottles need is a label and they are ready to pass on.

Cheers and Happy Christmas to all of you, I have really enjoyed blogging in 2012 and am looking forward to 2013!

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