Birthday Present Cake – 50th Birthday cake

50th birthday present cake

Birthday present cake

My daughter asked me recently if I’d stopped making cakes with sugarpaste icing as, apart from the Christmas Cake, I think, it has been quite a long time since I last made one. Cakes decorated with sugarpaste present more challenges than ones iced with buttercream, but sugarpaste is a lot more versatile and I love being given the opportunity to create something a little different.

My friend Petra asked me to make a cake for her husband Alistair’s birthday and I love the idea of a cake as a present. So why not a cake that looks like a present too? This is a great cake for a man: not too girly! Petra wanted chocolate cake and so we went with chocolate icing. And Petra’s daughter and resident cake expert, Eleanor, suggested cream sugarpaste for the contrast colour to give the impression of dark chocolate and white chocolate. I think it is really effective.

birthday present cake

The decorations look like white and dark chocolate

I made a large, 12″ square chocolate Victoria sponge. I started by breaking all 14(!) eggs into a jug in an attempt at being super efficient. But once I had measured the butter and sugar into the bowl I realised that the last time I had made such a large cake (for Petra, in fact) I had made it in two halves as I had been afraid of burning the edges and undercooking the middle. And because I had already mixed all the eggs I then had to make it as one large cake. Luckily it cooked just as well as one deep cake as two shallow cakes did last time. Which is good to know as it is obviously much quicker to make one cake than two!

On the other hand, the cake then needs to be split in half which can be tricky. I have a rotating cheese board that I use as an icing turntable and it also really helps when splitting a cake. I find it much easier to stay level by repeatedly turning the cake and gradually cutting further into the centre than by cutting from one side to the other.

Making birthday cakes

Cut your cake carefully in half and fill with buttercream

Once filled, the cake will need masking with buttercream but it will dry out if you do it before you have rolled out your sugarpaste. A cake this size will use around 2 kilos of chocolate sugarpaste. Yes, really! Once I have rolled mine out I cover it with clingfilm and quickly mask the cake with buttercream so that neither the buttercream or the sugarpaste can start to dry out before the cake is covered.

making birthday cake

Cover your cake with a thin layer of buttercream

Once you have covered the cake you can add your real ribbons around the base of the board and the cake. I chose ribbons that were the same colour as the contrast icing. And then you just need to make your sugarpaste ribbons and decorations. The loops of the bow are very simple to make and they can either be left on their sides to dry out or you can roll up some kitchen paper and use it to hold them up until they are dry.

present cake

“Ribbon” bow

I decided to put the bow off centre and cut out some stars of various sizes, which I tried to position randomly. I have made one of these present cakes before, right at the time I started my blog and used chocolate sugarpaste with blue as the contrast, which is also a great choice for a man. I think dots would make a good alternative to stars and kids would love multi coloured ones. I’m quite keen to make another one now!

Happy Birthday Alistair!

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32 replies

  1. This is so lovely! The off center bow, the elegant simplicity of white on black (or, dark brown), and the deliciousness of what I imagine chocolate sugarpaste to taste like. It’s perfect! Your friends are very lucky.

  2. Gorgeous, the colours and decorations are so beautiful. What I wouldn’t do for a cup of tea and a slice of cake right now.I woke up very early this morning. But have taken great pleasure in catching up on your blog. Life has been really fast lately, and its nice to fill my senses with the stories of your baking adventures for a while. Thank you mx

  3. What a beautiful cake!!! I live the bow and the stars 🌟🌟🌟

  4. You are such a cake guru! Am super impressed by the decorations, very sleek and professional. The cake looked tasty too!

  5. Such a beautiful cake! You did a fantastic job!!!!

  6. The cake was very tasty – another triumph Rachel, thank you so much! P x

  7. That is a real eye-catcher! Lucky friends having you to bake for them 🙂

  8. That’s pretty! Very neat!Am sure the cake tasted really great too!

  9. It’s so elegantly done! Beautiful cake!

  10. Hi,
    My son will turn 5 next week and he loved your Birthday Present Cake – 50th Birthday cake design.

    Is there any chance you can share the recipe for this cake? We live in the US.
    We would appreciate it very much.

  11. Thank you very much for the link. That is an absolutely massive cake, you did a great job. You can add xanthan gum to help with the crumbly texture but it would still be difficult to transfer a cake that size. Black fondant is particularly difficult to work with too so I don’t think your uncle could have made it harder for you if he’d tried! He and your aunt must have been so pleased.


  1. 50th Birthday Cake – Chateau Gateau

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