Birthday Present Cake

40th Birthday Cake

Today I will be mostly mopping the kitchen floor, in an attempt to rid it of the layers of icing sugar that have built up over the last couple of days. I have been making birthday cakes – a 40th, a 5th and some party cupcakes for 5 year olds to take home.

This is the 40th birthday cake – a 13″ square cake made up of two layers of chocolate sponge sandwiched with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate sugarpaste. It was my first attempt at icing a square cake and I thought it would be really difficult. I watched a video on youtube in the hope of learning some clever tricks but the author obviously found the whole experience so easy they barely even showed the corners. I decided it therefore really couldn’t be that difficult and in fact it really wasn’t. Hurrah!

And Happy Birthday to Alex, thank you for letting me make your cake!

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  1. Fabulous cake. How about mostly eating other peoples cakes too !


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