Welsh Cakes – you don’t have to be Welsh to like them!

welsh cakes

Welsh Cakes – photo courtesy of Vana!

You may remember me mentioning my friend Vana: we have a “cakes for sports massage” policy which works brilliantly. So when she asked if I knew how to make Welsh Cakes I had to admit that I had never even eaten one. And swiftly checked online.

I found this recipe on the Welsh Tourist Board website so am assuming it’s authentic!

Welsh Cakes are a sort of cross between a scone, a biscuit and a pancake. They are traditionally eaten warm with a sprinkle of sugar and some butter.

You make a scone-like mix with currants that is flavoured with mixed spice, roll it out and and cut out your circles. Then instead of putting them in the oven you cook them on a griddle, bake stone or in a very lightly greased frying pan. I used one squirt of a sunflower oil spray in a frying pan:

welsh cakes

In the frying pan

They need to be cooked quite slowly so that they are done all the way through: when they are golden brown on the first side flip them over so that they go golden brown on both sides.

welsh cakes

Welsh cakes cooling

Although they are best warm, if they make it as far as a cooling rack they can be kept in an airtight tin – or packaged up and given to friends!

And in return for the Welsh Cakes I will be getting a sports massage, for which I am very grateful: I will be walking 27 miles in around 10 days’ time and walked 20 miles today. My legs are quite tired! But more of that another time.

So if you like scones you should definitely give these a try: they are quick, easy and tasty!

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6 replies

  1. Will be baking shortly. They look delicious and like the perfect snack with tea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They look really good! the photos are making me hungry… 🙂

  3. Very interesting concept. I have never heard of Welsh cakes but now I know and have bookmarked to try, Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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