Chocolate Birthday Cakes – variations on a theme

aero cake

Mint Aero Bubbles Cake

Recently I have been making quite a few chocolate cakes with Maltesers. They are brilliant for decorating cakes and kids love them on their birthday cakes. But why stop at Maltesers? If you have another favourite chocolate treat, why not use them?

Word is out at Bootcamp that I make cakes so I was really pleased to be asked to make one for my friend Karyn’s son, Roan. He loves mint Aero Bubbles and wanted them on his cake. The green and chocolate balls make a really striking decoration for a cake and combined with his favourite colour, orange, the cake really makes a statement:

mint aero cake

Chocolate icing, mint Aero bubbles and orange highlights!

And Neve, Roan’s sister, has her birthday ten days later. So not to be outdone she requested a cake decorated with mini eggs. I think it would have looked brilliant but mini eggs after Easter are difficult to find: one shopkeeper just laughed when I asked him. So next year I will be stockpiling mini eggs, just in case, but in the meantime we settled on chocolate fingers and mini chocolate stars:

chocolate finger cake

Birthday cake with chocolate fingers and chocolate stars

We went for more traditional pink highlights on this cake! The chocolate stars are really cool because they have little faces:

chocolate finger cake

Chocolate mini stars with funny faces

They also work really well for a topper: 12 stars, one for each year (one is hiding):

star topper

Mini star topper

These cakes were really fun to make: both were chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream. So thanks Karyn, and happy birthday to Roan and Neve.

And I will be checking out the confectionary aisles for new ideas!

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19 replies

  1. both cakes and decorations look really beautiful, and chocolate, just yummmmm !!

  2. These cakes look great! They are so cool! 🙂

  3. Wow… well done you! The cakes both look amazing, they are two lucky kids 🙂 I’ve never seen tiny chocolate stars with faces in the shops here (Western Australia). Pretty sure that we can’t get the Aero bubbles either… just Aero bars and block Aero chocolate. I always find it interesting that different candy is stocked (or not stocked) in different countries. I guess it makes sense, from a market point of view (did you know they have green tea Kit Kats in Japan? They’re delicious!). Thanks for sharing your cake designs with us!

  4. These cakes look gorgeous, I really admire your talent. Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for passing by and for leaving me a note. Hope to see you more often!!!

  5. They are fabulous!! What fun!

  6. Fantastic idea with magic stars and aero bubbles. I use sometimes areo cakes as decoration 🙂

  7. Gorgeous! But where do you get the spikes that you stick the magic stars etc on from? They look great! Need for daughters cake ASAP!!

    • Hi, the wires are called floristry wires but are mostly sold in cake decorating shops. You can also get them online. The coloured ones tend to be the very thin ones and won’t support a lot of weight – I used 26 gauge for these cakes. For larger or heavier decorations you would need a thicker, stronger wire. The thicker they are, the smaller the number but the thicker ones tend to be white, black or green. Hope that helps and hope you manage to get some for your daughter’s cake! Thanks very much for your comment.


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