Easter Treats – Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

homemade easter egg

Happy Easter!

One of the joys of Easter is a chocolate Easter Egg (or two). Last year I made my kids their Easter Eggs and I thought I would take what I had learnt from that experience and make some brilliant ones this year. I have two kids but there is only one Easter egg in the photo: there’s a reason for that!

I knew the right way to go about them this year. One great tip is to use a paintbrush to brush the melted chocolate up the sides of the mould as it keeps trying to slide back down to the bottom. It’s a good idea to let one layer dry and then do the next one, building up a shell with sides of an even thickness.

My daughter loves white chocolate and my son prefers milk so I decided to do one of each. The egg moulds came with some mini egg moulds so I used the left over chocolate to make some of those too:

making easter eggs

Chocolate filled Easter egg moulds

As you can see, while they are all a bit messy, the large moulds are quite evenly filled. Filling them is now the easy bit. Last year that was the tricky bit and the shells were very bottom heavy! However I think that probably made them easier to get out of the mould in one piece. I’m not sure if white chocolate is harder to work with or if I just didn’t make the sides thick enough, but it was impossible to get out in fewer than several hundred pieces:

making chocolate easter eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs – whole and deconstructed versions

So I will need to make another Easter egg – I will have another attempt at white chocolate but if that fails it will be back to the milk chocolate and I will fill it with white chocolate mini eggs instead. Otherwise they will have to share…

I also had a better method for fixing the two parts of the shell together this time. I filled one side with the milk chocolate mini eggs and some Cadbury’s mini eggs, then I melted some of the spare white chocolate pieces (having accidentally eaten all the leftover milk chocolate). Using a paintbrush I brushed melted chocolate on both sides of the egg shells:

homemade easter egg

Filled egg shell

Then very carefully put the two sides together. Any gaps can be filled in with the paintbrush and melted chocolate:

homemade chocolate egg

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg!

Obviously if you haven’t accidentally eaten all the remaining chocolate and can use the same type, the join will be hardly noticeable.

So not entirely the brilliant Easter Egg I had envisaged but luckily, with the addition of some tissue paper, cellophane and a ribbon, it looks a lot more impressive!

homemade easter egg

Happy Easter!

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9 replies

  1. My goodness, this just takes the words “lovingly homemade” to another level.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! You’ve inspired me 🙂

  3. Awesome! I will so have to try and do Easter eggs next year! (or find another excuse to mold homemade chocolate into something else 😉

  4. I make d same way.

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