Birthday Cake – Dolphins

dolphin cake

Dolphin Cake

I was very flattered when my friend Leslie’s daughter said that she would like me to make her a cake for her birthday party, but a bit worried when I heard it was a “water walkers” party! Water walkers are like giant hamster balls on water and I was struggling to imagine how to make that cake…

Luckily for me we managed to agree on a water theme but using dolphins rather than hamsters. And no balls.

I found a dolphin cutter and some bright blue icing and used some white and blue stars as an accent against a sea blue background. The dolphins’ eyes are silver balls stuck on with icing and added a tiny bit of bling. The cake itself was a three layer vanilla sponge sandwiched with vanilla buttercream.

The design lent itself perfectly to having Antonia’s name in white on the cake, along with her age in blue. I put stars around the base of the cake but left the front section clear so that Antonia could put her ten candles there.

Happy 10th Birthday Antonia!

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  1. Wow! You are talented! Very nice cake, very happy 10 yr old! 😀 Fae.

  2. Wow, It looks so beautiful. It reflects your creativity. Fine finishing!

  3. I know this cake was posted a long time ago, but wondering if anyone can tell me what was used for the “wires” and spirals.

    • Hi, yes, they are floristry wires and you should be able to get them in cake decorating shops and online. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks! Are the stars and dolphins made of fondant? Any trouble getting them to stay on the wires? It’s a really cute cake.

      • Hi, yes, they are fondant (sugar paste) but will work even better if you use modelling paste. They stay on the wires better if you use water or edible glue on the end of the wire before you stick it into the fondant. I do have some posts that go into it in more detail

      • Where would I find those posts?

      • Hi, if you go onto my blog you will see a search bar at the top – if you search sugarpaste you will find all the posts where I have used sugarpaste and hopefully you will find some tips there. You need to make sure that your sugarpaste is thick enough for the wire but not too thick that it is too heavy for it. I tend to use 20 or 22 gauge wire (and the very fine one for the twirls). You need to leave it dry for long enough (add tylo powder if you can) before taping them together with florist tape and sticking them into your cake (you can use a posy pick for that). Hope that helps!!!


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