Homemade crêpes at Keranmeriet

Homemade crêpes at Keranmeriet

We are staying, as we do every year, in Brittany in one of the gîtes built and run by some friends who moved here nearly ten years ago. The place is a rural retreat; 100 acres set in beautiful Breton countryside, not far from some amazing beaches. Every week Erika makes seven dozen traditional crêpes as a welcome for her guests, and puts a pack in each gîte, along with some of her homemade jam and local cider.

This week she let me try my hand at making them on the traditional hotplate – it’s not easy but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t look perfect because they still taste delicious. Particularly with the local salted caramel sauce!

The lifestyle at Keranmeriet is one I aspire to; land, sea and virtual self sufficiency. I manage to grow a few vegetables during the summer and get ridiculously over-excited every time I cook with a homegrown courgette, or eat blueberries from the bush so I can’t imagine how amazing it must be to be able to eat an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and poultry without actually being a farmer! One thing I have realised is how much hard work is required so I may just be a little too used to comfort to ever actually manage to do it myself. In the meantime I have Keranmeriet to visit to get my fix!


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